The Practice of Self-Care

The pace of life today commonly dictates that we can excel at everything from caring for loved ones, maintaining a successful career, creating a lovely home, while managing hectic schedules in our speed of light technological age. How to do everything better and faster is a common theme found in media which encourages us to engage in a cycle of “doing”.  All too often we find ourselves overwhelmed with not only existing commitments, but feeling as though we ought to create a picture perfect life, with boundless energy.  In the pursuit of these lofty ideals, stress is often the end result.  While small amounts of stress in our lives are often the catalyst for productivity, long term stress wreaks havoc on our state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In spending our time and energy thinly, it is common to find little time left over to nurture our own sense of self.

When we actively participate in self-care, we acknowledge that we are important and deserving of special attention.  By caring for ourselves as we do for others we make deposits to our energy bank, which contribute to our sense of empowerment and self-worth, and our ability to manage life’s stressors.  The implication of these small actions can promote feelings of rejuvenation and vitality, while also filling our proverbial cup and benefiting not only ourselves but those around us. 

The New Year is an ideal time to evaluate our lifestyle and to commit to small changes. In doing so, consider adding some positive self-care strategies to your existing routines:

-Engage in enjoyable physical exercise.  Perhaps a brisk after dinner walk or an exercise class you enjoy.
-Nourish yourself with wholesome meals and snacks.
-Take in a show, make time to listen to music, or catch up on your reading list
-Share tea or a meal with a treasured friend
-Take a relaxing aromatherapy bath

By giving yourself permission to indulge and pamper both your inner and outer being, you allow your best and most beautiful self to shine. 

Our staff is committed to assisting you in your personal aesthetic goals and we look forward to seeing you soon.