It's Time to Get Even!

Have you been noticing some of the common signs of skin aging and sun damage such as brown spots and tiny broken vessels? These areas of uneven complexion become much more visible after we have been exposed to the sun. To protect us from burning, our skin produces a dark pigment called melanin. Over time the melanin accumulates into spots that are darker than our background skin tone. These spots are most common in areas of repeated sun exposure such as the face, neck, decollete, and hands. Redness and tiny capillaries also develop from sun damage on fair skin. This is why it is important to protect our delicate skin from t he damaging effects of UV by wearing a sunscreen daily.

But what can we do once the damage is done? There is good news. Scientifically proven treatments are available to remove the discolorations and reverse the damage. A series of IPL Photorejuvenation sessions is the quickest and most efficient method to remove brown spots, freckles, and reduce the redness of rosacea. This gentle light-based technology used in the treatment is absorbed by the target tissue, and is then removed by the body's natural processes. The result is a more uniform skin tone and clearer complexion. IPL Photorejuvenation is the treatment of choice for most skin discolorations, providing superior cosmetic results with no down time.

The photos below show how IPL Photorejuvenation treatments can smooth and even skin tone: