Preventative Botox

Can Botox be used to prevent wrinkles? Yes, absolutely!

While initially used to treat wrinkles after they formed in women and men aged 35-60, the demand for cosmetic Botox in the under 30 population has skyrocketed in recent years. The secret is out. The earlier you start Botox treatments, the less wrinkling you will get later in life. As a medication, Botox has no age limit and has found an ever growing list of medical uses including excessive perspiration, migraines and muscle disorders. The cosmetic uses of Botox have also expanded beyond frowns and crow’s feet to bunny lines on the nose, gummy smiles and more.

But how does it work to prevent wrinkles from forming?

Injections of Botox just under the skin and into the facial muscles relaxes the muscle thereby preventing the repeated movement of the overlying skin that would eventually lead to a crease or wrinkle. With repeated use of Botox, particularly in the frown and crow’s feet areas, the muscle will get smaller and less active so the development of the overlying wrinkle will be delayed.
In fact, younger clients often require less Botox per treatment area and less frequent injections as the intervention is taking place years before the muscles thicken from overuse.

When should you consider preventative Botox?

Do you notice a thickened muscle or furrow between your eyes or on your forehead when you frown? Do others perceive you to be stressed or angry even when you are not because of your strong facial expression? Do you squint excessively in the sun, causing crow’s feet? Do your family members have a deep furrow or “11” on their forehead? Patterns of facial muscle usage are inherited. We tend to age in a similar way as our parents and older siblings.

Early treatment with Botox has helped young adults keep their skin looking younger by preventing the formation of deep creases. Skillfully and conservatively placed, Botox can give a subtle and natural improvement without a “frozen” look.