Cupid’s Bow: The Search for the Perfect Pout

The quest for luscious youthful lips is as old as civilization. Ancient Egyptian queens used stains from berries and minerals to define and accentuate their lips in order to look more sexually appealing.

Younger women, in their 20’s and 30’s, may be looking for increased fullness and contouring of lip shape. As we age, so do the tissues around the mouth. This results in loss of lip volume, height, and protrusion. The corners of the mouth droop creating a sad expression.

Regardless of age, with temporary tissue fillers such as Juvéderm®, we now have a safe and effective way to combat the aging lip area and augment for a perfect pout.

With tabloid images of celebrities sporting extremely overfilled and distorted lips it is easy to understand why patients might be fearful of the result. There is no need to worry. If you want a natural look smaller amounts of filler can be strategically placed to subtly enhance your existing lip shape.

The key is having knowledge of ideal aesthetic principles and to be able to artfully apply these concepts.  Since we are all unique, the approach to lip enhancement and rejuvenation should be individualized based on each patient’s facial proportions, angles and structure. No two patients need the same lip treatment. The idea behind proper lip augmentation is to master the lips anatomy while taking the patients specific features into consideration. The goal is to enhance beauty, not distort it. The combination of art and science is crucial to achieving the optimum result.

After all, natural voluptuous lips never go out of style.