The Importance of a Professional Skin Care Consult

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.
— Linden Tyler

Have you ever left the cosmetic counter feeling overwhelmed by the choices available? If so, you are not alone. With so many different brands, ingredients and price points it is easy to get confused. You may have asked yourself: What is a cosmeceutical? Which creams would work for me and in what order should I apply them to get the best result?

Finding the right products for your skin type and aesthetic goals is challenging. Finding quality advice from a trustworthy practitioner, even more so.

Professional skin care consultations provide an excellent opportunity to get to know your skin care specialist and the clinic in which you will be treated. Building a relationship with your cosmetic professional over time allows you to develop trust and confidence in their recommendations.

Be wary of clinics offering free skin care consultations. This is a strategy used to attract customers, but it doesn’t necessarily ensure the depth and thoroughness that you deserve. Often a clinic will charge a modest fee for a professional consultation, redeemable in products or treatments, making it well worth the investment.

What to expect from your Professional Skin Care Consultation

Before you arrive at your appointment, consider a few questions you may be asked by the professional consultant. What bothers you about your skin? What would you like to change? What level of commitment are you prepared to make both financially and with regards to your time? Are you open to exploring other treatment options to reach your goals? By reflecting on these questions prior to your arrival, your consultant will be better able to advise you on how you can incorporate an effective skin care regime into your lifestyle.

A skin care consultation with a qualified professional will last approximately 30 minutes. Your specific concerns should be discussed in the context of your medical history and past treatments. An examination of your skin under magnification is essential to evaluate your skin and prescribe appropriate regimes that are both safe and effective for you. With your skin specialist, you should be able to ask questions openly and feel at ease.

Your consultation is all about developing your individualized treatment plan. No two patient’s goals or circumstances are exactly the same. Perhaps you just want to begin with information about maintaining healthy skin and minimizing aging. Recommendations emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and education about main active ingredients will allow you to make informed choices.

Skin care routines needn’t be complicated or fussy. The best and most long-lasting results can be achieved with a few quality formulations used consistently. The key is determining which scientifically proven active ingredients are right for you. Your skin care consultant should be able to advise you on how to simplify your routine while maximizing your results. Your individually prescribed home skin care system should be clearly communicated and supported by easy step-by-step written instructions. Over time, your regime may require reassessment and adjustment to meet new goals.

With the rapidly advancing field of medical aesthetics, your skin care consultant should also be knowledgeable and open to discussing other treatments available to help you achieve your goals, even if not offered in their clinic.

Dr. Andrea Hickey and her professional skin care consultant, Courtney Smith-Jones, RN, BN, have many years of experience in aesthetic medicine. With the foundation of general medicine and surgical nursing, they are able to understand skin health and how it reflects ones physical health, lifestyle choices, and psychological wellbeing.

Dr. Andrea Hickey personally selects products after researching the scientific evidence supporting the key active ingredients. Careful consideration goes into choosing only quality skin care products that are specifically formulated to treat certain skin types and conditions. We have done our homework to simplify your experience.

You can be assured of our confidentiality, professionalism, and honest advice.

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