AHA BHA Lotion (5-2 or 8-2)


AHA BHA Lotion (5-2 or 8-2)

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These specially formulated AHA BHA lotions are ideal for oily skin. They combine glycolic and salicylic acids to target acne, eliminate and prevent blackheads, blemishes and ingrown hairs.

For normal, acne-prone, oily skin, ingrown hairs and dilated pores

50 ml

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Glycolic acid is a natural source AHA which when used regularly reduces the visible signs of aging including fine lines and discolorations. It works by enhancing the speed of skin cell turnover to restore the glow, smoothness and suppleness of a youthful complexion. Pro-Derm™ Exfoliants combine glycolic with naturally soothing compounds and moisturizers.

The Pro-Derm™ Anti-aging System works at the cellular level of the deeper skin layers to stimulate cell renewal and correct surface discolorations and imperfections. When used for regular skin maintenance, the products will return the glow and softness of youthful looking skin. This 100% Canadian-owned company was developed by a dermatologist and pharmacists based on the science of skin care. All products are paraben-free, perfume-free and contain no petroleum products or mineral oil. Under the guidance of a trained physician, an individualized skin care regime can be prescribed to meet your specific needs.

Each product we offer is carefully selected by Dr. Hickey based on quality and science. We have confidence in the products we choose and want to share those distinctive products with our clients.